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Face And Jaw Dental Treatments

At Bay Lakes Center for Complex Dentistry, our dentists are ready and able to help you repair any dental injury that you might suffer from. This extends to not only the problems that affect your teeth, but also jaw and face injuries. No matter the cause, whether it be from a car accident, sports, or a fall, we are prepared to give you the gentle treatment that you need to help fix whatever has been broken.

Signs Of A Facial Or Jaw Injury

Though many facial or jaw injuries are apparent to the eye, it nonetheless helps to know the symptoms in case you suffer from a more subtle fracture or issue. If you have difficulty speaking or if it is unexpectedly hard to close your mouth, this can indicate that you may have a dislocated jaw. This can also be the case if your bite no longer closes the way it used to or if your jaw protrudes further forward than you remember. A mandibular fracture can involve general symptoms of inflammation including swelling, redness, and difficulties chewing. This swelling can lead to difficulty breathing, and it is critical that you contact us as soon as possible if you think you may have this particular jaw injury.

How Do We Diagnose Face And Jaw Injuries?

Once you come into our office, our dentists will help you determine what type of jaw or face injury you might have. We will ask for your dental and medical history so that we know what sort of treatment and medicines will best match your bill of health. We will then use x-rays to take appropriate imaging of your face and jaw. If we find a fracture or breakage that is unexpectedly severe, we may refer you to a specialist or surgeon with the expertise necessary to help you with your particular issue. Otherwise, we will lay out a treatment plan and talk about your options as we schedule further sessions with you.

What Procedures Do We Perform On The Face And Jaw?

Because the area around your face has so many sensitive nerves and structures, we use the utmost care and precision as we prepare to operate on it. Our treatment plan will often include repair of any broken teeth or bones that may have also been affected by a facial injury. Because the procedure can involve multiple phases like this, we recommend that you do not delay treatment so that you do not sustain permanent scars or damage to the area. With swift action, our dentists can have the time they need to help you avoid any possible complications from arising.

Facial and jaw injuries can take many forms, both internal and external. This includes diseases such as oral cancer, which is best dealt with through early prevention and regular screenings. Even if you feel like your face and jaw are entirely healthy, we still encourage you to come in to see us so that we can help you maintain that health. If you think that you would like to learn more about facial and jaw injuries, or if you would like to make an appointment with us for a check-up, call us today at (920) 278-7678.

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