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What is The Difference Between Digital Vs Traditional Dentures?

Posted on 6/13/2022 by Dr. Hallas
What is The Difference Between Digital Vs Traditional Dentures?If you want to replace missing teeth, dentures are an option. With a customized partial denture, for example, you restore missing teeth, meaning you can now chew and smile as you did before. There are two kinds of dentures you can find in the market today. One is the traditionally made denture comprising a flesh-colored acrylic base that rests over the gums. The digital dentures are new in the market and are milled out of a block of a carefully cured hard resin that will not distort when curing as may happen with traditional dentures over time.

Digital vs Traditional Dentures

With conventional dentures, the base of the top denture covers the roof of the mouth, also known as the palate, while the lower denture comes in a horseshoe shape to help accommodate the person's tongue. On the other hand, digital dentures, since they don't distort over time, they provide a better suction inside of an individual's mouth. They also make a more comfortable feel compared to acrylic dentures. Additionally, digital dentures have a much harder resin material – almost eight times harder than traditional denture resin. As a result, they are proven to endure for a longer time and withstand pressure for an extended time compared to conventional acrylic dentures.

When it comes to the appointment process, it is pretty different between traditional and digital dentures. If you are going for traditional dentures, you will require several appointments for impressions, extractions, fillings, as well as adjustments. On the contrary, digital dentures require about 2 to 3 appointments if adjustments have to be made. As a patient, when you go for digital dentures, you won't have to spend as much time with the dental specialist as a patient going for traditional dentures.

Another thing is that digital dentures utilize a scientifically proven method to record the way your teeth should make contact or bite together. The software used in making these dentures finds how apart the teeth need to be, and helps level out the smile line. It also helps place the front teeth within the correct spot. Furthermore, it traces out the bite in order to allow the digital denture to put the jaw joints into the right position.

So you can see that digital dentures take away the guesswork of fabricating a set of dentures. To find out which type of denture you should wear and the cons and pros of each, visit our prosthodontics specialists for more information.


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