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Lasers in Prosthodontics

Posted on 3/22/2021 by Dr. Hallas
Lasers in ProsthodonticsThe use of lasers in prosthodontics has become increasingly popular because of the various advantages offered – these include decrease in pain, faster healing, reduced need for anesthesia, reduced risk of infection, and more. The following are some of the ways lasers are used in prosthodontic dentistry.

Crown Lengthening

Lasers provide extreme control and accuracy when dealing with crown lengthening. The use of lasers minimizes tissue displacement and results in faster healing. Some examples of uses include developing ferrules, dealing with caries, and fixing cuspal fractures.


Bleaching teeth can often involve sensitivity and pain resulting from sensitivity. The use of diode lasers reduces this significantly and is both, easier and faster than traditional bleaching.


Troughing refers to making a groove around a tooth before making an impression. Using a laser for this process decreasing bleeding, is faster, and reduces post-operative issues. When lasers are used for troughing, electrocautery and retraction cord placement can be eliminated.

Removing Veneers

Because veneers are permanent, they are difficult to remove and often result in damage to the tooth. With the use of lasers, cutting is prevented and less trauma is caused to the underlying tooth.

Tooth Preparation

Laser is extremely useful when it comes to tooth preparation since it usually eliminates the need for anesthesia and drilling. When preparing a tooth for a filling, lasers can kill bacteria and help recovery and overall health of the tooth.

Another great use is when preparing for an implant. Since this procedure usually involves blood which reduces visibility, using lasers makes for much easier preparation. Because lasers can also numb the tooth, patients can also forego anesthesia. Those who deal with excessive bleeding benefit the most from laser dentistry since it leads to a relatively bloodless procedure.

If you're interested in learning more about laser dentistry and its application on prosthodontics, Dr. Lasnoski and Dr. Hallas can answer questions, offer advice, and discuss treatment options with you. To schedule a consultation, you can call Bay Lakes Center for Complex Dentistry at (920) 278-7678.


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